Welcome To MK Streby Production

 We specialize in providing programming for the Local, Regional, and National Television Viewers. All of our programming is available in Standard and High Definition (soon Ultra HD) video broadcast.



"FASTTRAX with Bryon Graff"  MKS Television, LLC is excited to continue production and airing of FastTrax in the Wausau / Rhinelander Market. Hosted by state-recognized sports talent Bryon Graff, along with track announcer Kurt Keene. FastTrax is a new and exciting television show that focuses on racing throughout north central Wisconsin and the highest levels of NASCAR. Starting in May, each week you’ll find features from our area tracks, as well as interviews with the top drivers and we’ll take you under the hood for tech tips. Step into FastTraxthis summer!   


“Tech Toy TV ” This show is on the hunt for electronics, tech, gadgets, and other big boy toys to show to our audience.    


"Bryon Graff's Green And Gold Gridiron" We're talking all about the Green Bay Packers with Bryon Graff, Bill Ferrario and W. Keith Roerdink and you.  And introducing Jenny Ritchay. New season starting end of August.  FACT: Wisconsin TV viewers can not get enough of our beloved Green Bay Packers.  MKS Television would like to introduce you to a new weekly syndicated sports program, Green & Gold Gridiron with Bryon Graff. Bryon is a 20 year veteran of Broadcast Television, with over 15 years covering the Green Bay Packers and Wisconsinsports for WXOW, WAOW and WFXS. Bryon has produced and hosted numerous weekly Packers related programs, handled play by play for WIAA state basketball tournaments, and regularly hosts sports radio programs sharing his expertise in sports. Bryon is well known around the Midwest sports scene and can add a fresh perspective to any local market.     


"Mad Dog & Merrill Grilling"  Nationally recognized and self-proclaimed "Grillologists," Mad Dog & Merrill, entertain and educate thousands of backyard enthusiasts every year with the finer points of grilling. They want nothing more than to make everyone a better griller and have a ton of fun in the process. Mad Dog & Merrill travel the country performing in front of live audiences, writing cookbooks and making videos to show people how easy it is to be creative and entertain in their own backyard. Enjoy this web site and your comprehensive behind the scenes tour of the most entertaining and knowledgeable "Grillologists" of the past 30 years, Mad Dog & Merrill.  Currently airing in the Midwest and a National Television network.   


"American Dance Heritage" The purpose of this documentary is to promote awareness in the public of the historic and artistic value of square dancing, the folk dance which is truly American in origin.  Further, to demonstrate through entertainment the unique place which square dancing holds in our national culture.  (Follow our progress on http://www.facebook.com/AmericasDance)   


”PVC Builder” This hour-long, weekly program features projects built predominantly with PVC pipe of various sizes. These projects range from practical items such as chairs and tables to fun projects like a catapult that throws water balloons or a spud chucker powered by hairspray and a lighter. The show revolves around two teams of builders that strive to out do each other with their projects each week.   


“Fix it with Duck Tape” This half hour show features Duck tape and its many, many uses. It highlights duck tape fixes as well as the many items that have been made exclusively with Duck tape.    


“You Do It, Designer” This show features projects that the viewer can do to make their lives more enjoyable. The show is a comprehensive visual reference, containing everything from the basics of sewing and setting up the perfect work space to decorating techniques like dyeing and embroidery–and everything in between. Each topic is presented with unparalleled clarity and completeness, with stunning visuals that will entice you to reach for your fabric, pins, needles, and notions.    


“You Build it, Gadgets” This show features electronic hacks and gadgets that the more electronically sophisticated viewer can build. These gadgets will be interesting, unusual and most importantly funny.   


“Survive It Show” is all how-to and know-how. We cover everything from preparations, survival rooms & shelters, food, water, medical, and the options of bugging out or surviving in place. The important thing about this show is our emphasis is on building and taking preparatory steps. After they see each show, viewers can use the information and skills, to help them prepare to survive, no matter what type of disaster presents itself. Each episode will give the viewer the basic information that they will need to survive as well as probable and extreme time lines for help to survive each of these disasters.  (In preliminary development)    


“Best Bug-Out Spots” We search out areas that will make surviving catastrophes easier and then show them to our viewers. After making arrangements with the owners of the land, we will put a food cache into place which will include at least a year’s supply of food, a seed vault that will have non-hybrid seeds as well as other survival gear based on the needs for that area. Viewers will be given the general location of the caches but not specific coordinates. Contests will be held to distribute the coordinates and certificates of ownership of each of these caches. (In preliminary development)    


“Guy Time” This half hour show is all about what guys like to do. Lots of beautiful women and fun “Guy” things to do. It includes things from playing pool in Bikini bars to blowing things up.   


 Some of our original programming is available on a barter or partial barter basis.